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Title: Forum Rules
Post by: MrVelocity on July 04, 2014, 12:38:14 PM
We want a friendly community so following the rules will help keep things in order.


Permanent Ban

■ spam/bots (posting advertisement for random sites or competition to this forum) ****
■ DDoS Attack of any kind (slowing the normal connection speed by over excessive use)*****


7 Day Ban

■ failure to listen to warnings given ***
■ being rude or offensive to forum staff and other members of the community
■ obsessive fowl language


1 Day Ban

■ arguing with staff (you will not be given warning and more than 1 argumentative comment you will be taking time out)
■ if you receive 3 warning you will be banned for 1 day


Warning 1-3

■ changing the topic of someone's thread by posting questions about something else **
■ being rude in your post or someone else's thread
■ posting unhelpful comments like; Google it! (Google sometimes doesn't have the answer) *
■ posting for help before you have even attempted finding your answer

More Information:

* Warnings are subject to situation
** Common Sense
*** You can receive up to 3 warnings before you are suspended
**** Your IP Address will be added to the banned list and anti spam system to prevent further attempts
(don't make another account to post spam as this will affect your main account to)
***** Your IP will be blacklisted by the server and you will loose all access to this website and it's features you may have purchased without a refund

All rules are subject to change and these rules stand as of 16th October 2015 18:30 GMT
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